POWERHOUSE has been a leader in Power Washing, Soft Washing, Window Cleaning (Exterior and Interior), and gutter Cleaning and Repair for 30 years.

Based in Naperville, IL, POWERHOUSE has remained independently owned and operated since 1989, serving commercial and residential clients in the Western Suburbs, and beyond.


Power Washing

Our process leverages best in class technologies and equipment to ensure efficient high-quality, and Eco-friendly, best results restoration(s) for our commercial and residential clients.

Our heating machine allows for adjustable hot and cold water applications. Our specialties include:

  • Home exteriors - brick, siding (aluminum, cedar, vinyl), Dryvit, Stucco.
  • Concrete - driveways, walkways, pool areas, garage floors.
    • Sealing
  • Wood, Stone, and Metal restoration.
    • Decks, Patio, and Fence
      • Sealing and Staining
  • Hardscapes - Paver walls and walkways, pool areas.
    • Sealing
  • Mold and Mildew removal, Oxidation removal caused by ultra-violet light, debris removal.
  • Metal roofs - commercial and residential
  • Parking garage cleaning
  • Dumpster areas, grease pits, gum and graffiti removal.

Soft Washing

This type of cleaning is the safest, deepest, and most effective way to clean the majority of exterior finishes, depending on buildup.

Window Cleaning

Exterior window cleaning. Interior window cleaning. Solar panel cleaning.

Exterior window cleaning.

  • Water Fed Pole System allows us to access high windows without ladders or scaffolds, which enables us to access windows without damaging the commercial structure or the residential property.
    • This means that the water is kept to the pressurized side of the membrane and the pure water will be let through to the other side. Reverse osmosis removes approx 98% of minerals from the water. This means that it is possible to clean glass without any detergents using only a waterfed pole and a brush.
    • With this emerging technology things have become safer, and the water fed pole system cleans the frame of the house, reaching in difficult places, corners that you cannot reach with a ladder. With the emergence of pole work, the process is safer more economical, it cleans the entire frame, it gets all of the debris, dirt, dust, without traditional chemicals which leave a residue.
  • Traditional window cleaning is done with a mop and a squeegee, used with ladders, squeegees and buckets, using the traditional fanning process

Interior window cleaning

  • Celing fans and light fixtures storm windows, window screens, window tracks, window wells, sills and sash cleaning,

Core Service Offerings


Efficient, Eco-Friendly, 24x7x365

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Serving cities and towns in the Western suburbs of Illinois including Naperville, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Westmont, Lisle, Downers Grove, Darien, Lombard, Warrenville, Plainfield, Oswego, Aurora.