Three photo collage of a red red, wood deck, and closeup comparison of a clean and unclean wood deck

Deck Cleaning, Sealing, and Staining Services

Naperville's Best Deck Cleaning, Sealing, and Staining Services

POWERHOUSE is the name to know when it comes to deck cleaning, sealing, and staining in Naperville, IL, and surrounding areas. From deck repairs and cleaning to protecting your deck and restoring its beauty the correct way, we do it all!

Get Your Deck Clean and Make It Look Amazing

We clean your deck with our deep penetrating deck cleaner. It removes dirt, mold, and algae with professional-grade cleaners that won’t harm the environment. We then make your deck look like new with our deck brightener and deck staining services.

We are confident that you will be impressed with the results! POWERHOUSE takes pride in providing only the best customer service to our clients.

For all your deck restoration needs, call Powerhouse Pete today at (630) 355-5456.

Photo of a large deck with patio furniture with deck being recently soft washed and restored
Closeup photo of a brown patio deck being soft washed and showing before and after
Closeup photo of cleaned wood deck boards

Clean and Seal for an Optimum Finish That Lasts

POWERHOUSE deck cleaning, deck sealing, and deck staining in Naperville provides outstanding services that will protect your deck from the elements to keep it looking brand new. We also only use eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning chemicals to clean your deck, patio, and any other surface that needs cleaning.

We do it all – including:

  • Deck, patio, and concrete cleaning
  • Deck stripping and sanding
  • Deck repairs and maintenance
  • Sealing, brightening, and staining
  • Arbors, gazebos, and pergolas
  • Driveway and walkway cleaning
  • Fences and gates power washing and staining
  • House washing
  • Brick paver restoration
  • Deck lighting cleaning
  • Other wood, brick, and stone elements

Call (630) 355-5456 for deck cleaning, deck sealing, deck staining, deck repairs, patio, and concrete cleaning services today!

We Restore Your Deck to its Former Glory

POWERHOUSE is the deck restoration service that you can rely on for deck cleaning, sealing, and staining in the western suburbs. We remove all dirt, mold, and algae from your deck to make sure it’s free of contaminants. We then apply eco-friendly deck brightener or deck staining to give your deck a new life.

Photo of a beautiful deck after Powerhouse deck wash and sealing services

Did you know that POWERHOUSE also offers deck repair?

We can make deck repairs using any decking materials you choose. Whether you want Cedar, Ipe, Vinyl, or Composite decking material, we have the skills and expertise to make it look like new!

To receive a free quote call POWERHOUSE at (630) 355-5456 today!

Why Soft Power Washing Is Ideal for Deck Restoration

Soft power washing is the ideal method for deck restoration because it allows for a thorough, safe, and efficient cleaning of the deck’s surface using low-pressure water.

Additionally, soft power washing can help enhance the appearance of the deck by improving its texture and color, as well as making it look brand new again. Decks can be restored to their original condition with minimal effort and cost.

  • Low pressure helps to avoid damaging wood
  • Less likely to cause damage to deck boards or railings
  • Deep cleans dirt, debris, and stains without the need for harsh chemicals
Photo of a gray deck after being cleaned

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Deck in Naperville

Trying to find deck cleaning, sealing, and staining professionals in Naperville, IL, who can provide deck restoration? Look no further than POWERHOUSE. We guarantee deck restoration services that will make your deck look new again!

Maintaining your deck is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Preserves the natural look of your wood deck
  • Maintains the integrity of the wood
  • Keeps your deck looking new for years
  • Protects your deck from UV damage
  • Prevents water penetration
  • Reduces warping, splitting, and decay
  • Retains the beauty of your deck for years
  • Keeps water from penetrating the surface of the wood

Call Powerhouse today at 630-355-5456 for deck cleaning, deck sealing, deck staining, or deck restoration services.

Photo of a red patio deck being soft washed and showing before and after
Photo of half of a red stained deck

What is the Difference Between Deck Sealing and Deck Staining?

Protecting a deck from the elements, especially rain and snow, is important to extending its life. There are two types of deck coatings: sealers and stains. Sealers form a waterproof barrier on the surface of the deck, while stains penetrate the wood grain to color and protect it.

For more information on the difference between deck sealing and deck staining, contact Powerhouse Pete today!

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

POWERHOUSE is committed to providing you with the best service, from start to finish. Our process is designed to remove dirt, mold, and algae from the wood with minimal effort on your part.

We’ll also protect your deck from further damage with a professional application of a premium-quality sealer or stain. We can’t wait to make your deck look new again!

Call POWERHOUSE today for deck cleaning, deck sealing, deck staining, or deck restoration services.

Photo of a wood deck railing that was cleaned and restored

"We Do It All!"

All Types of Decks & Patios

  • Wraparound decks
  • Multi-tier decks
  • Attached / detached
  • Rooftop / over garage
  • Traditional decks
  • Mid-Century decks
  • Craftsman decks
  • Farmhouse decks
  • Scandinavian decks

Certified to Clean All Decking Materials

  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Cedar wood
  • Redwood
  • Vinyl decking
  • Composite decking
  • Ipe decking (exotic hardwood)
  • Plastic / PVC decking


Photo of a restored deck

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our deck cleaning, sealing, and staining with the helpful FAQs below.

Deck cleaning involves removing dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and stains from your deck’s surface. It’s an essential step in maintaining the health and aesthetic of your deck.

Regular deck cleaning can prevent wood decay, maintain the color of your deck, and provide a clean, safe area for you to enjoy. It also prepares the deck for sealing or staining.

Deck sealing is the process of applying a protective coating to your deck to help resist water damage. The sealant forms a barrier that reduces water absorption, preventing warping, cracking, and rot.

Deck staining involves applying a pigment to your deck to enhance its appearance and protect it from UV damage. Stains penetrate the wood, preserving its natural grains while offering protection from the elements.

While both provide protection, the key difference lies in appearance. A sealant is generally clear, maintaining the natural look of the wood, while a stain contains pigment that changes the color of the deck.

Generally, decks should be cleaned annually. Sealing or staining frequency depends on the product used and weather conditions, but usually ranges from 1-3 years.

No. Cleaning removes dirt, grime, and old sealant or stain that could prevent the new application from adhering properly.

Yes, but it requires knowledge, time, and the right equipment. Professionals can ensure the job is done effectively and safely.

Yes, it would be helpful if you could move any furniture, plants, or personal items from your deck before we arrive. This ensures that we can start the deck cleaning, sealing, or staining process immediately and prevents any damage to your belongings.

Give Your Deck a Thorough Cleaning

It’s the Perfect Time for Deck Maintenance!

Protect your deck from the elements this year. Powerhouse offers comprehensive deck cleaning, sealing, and staining services that will preserve your deck for years to come.

Photo of Powerhouse Pete soft washing wood deck stairs